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We Walk Dogs

We are highly experienced dog walkers. We walk a pack of dogs every weekday around various parts of Melbourne, South Yarra, Toorak, Prahran, Richmond and Windsor. Michelle’s training qualifications set us apart from other dog walkers. The walk is structured and the dogs get to be part of a balanced pack. Our pack walks not only assist busy people to have their dog’s exercise needs taken care of, we often receive positive feedback from people with regards to the great improvements they experience with regards to their dogs behaviour.


Training Sessions

Michelle is experienced in providing the services of in home training. The advantages of in home training are numerous, some of which are listed below:

  • Training is specifically tailored for your dogs energy level and natural pack structure
  • Training specifically targets to your own personal requirements and lifestyle
  • Training educates humans in relation to dog psychology and shows you how to get the best out of your dog by communicating in a language they easily understand. This is very different to the way us humans typically communicate with one another and once humans understand this and integrate it consistently during their communication with their dogs, they are often very surprised at how quickly and happily their dogs begin to do the things they want them to do.
  • Training specifically targets and provides a management plan and/or solutions to any behavioural challenges you may be experiencing with your dog
  • Training gets in at the early stages of development in a puppies life to ensure the establishment of a solid foundation with regards to your leadership with your puppy. This results in a lifetime of mutual love, loyalty and fun between you and your dog as it matures to become an integral part of your family throughout the years.

To enquire about the training sessions call Michelle on 0403 000 122 or email us via the contact page.


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