Dog TRAINING $350 for 1st Session



Michelle looks at the whole relationship that owners have with their dog/s, whilst addressing directly the problems that trouble owners the most. In many cases, issues can be solved within one or two training sessions. Michelle aims to educate her clients so that they are empowered with the tools to communicate and work with their dog/s effectively. Michelle’s training sessions go for as long as is required to appropriately address issues. These sessions can range from 1 to 2 hours long depending on issues presented.

Dog Walking Prahran & South Yarra

$35 Per 1 hour Walk with Pack (price based on regular weekly walks, contact us for casual walking rates)

Michelle walks dogs every day to various parks and places around Melbourne. Dogs benefit from the structure and the discipline of the pack walk. On particular days they get the opportunity to burn off some extra energy by playing safely under a watchful eye in an off-leash park. If your dog has special requirements and needs to be walked on its own, we cater for this also however extra charges may be incurred.


Saturday Classes and Group Walks $45 per class (NOT PLANNED FOR 2016 AS YET)

Start with a group walk and then join us to work on any current issues that you are having with your dog. Ask Michelle any behavioural question about your dog and work within the group with hands on activities to solve and retrain your dog.

 Dog walking South Yarra. Dog Walking Prahran

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