Dog Walking Leads

Short, Medium & Long Walking Leads Small & Medium Leads

High quality hand made dog leads with solid brass fittings.

These are the leads that we use in our training as they provide maximum control, allow you to communicate with your dog and lead them confidently.

These leads vary depending on your needs!

The short and medium leads are designed for large and medium sized dogs, the long lead is generally used for small dogs.


Recall Leads


Made with the same quality parts as the walking leads. These training leads are a great way to stack everything in your favour when teaching your dog to come to you when you call.

Depending on the space you have to work in and the level of recall that your dog needs, there are three recall lead sizes; 4 metres, 5 metres and 6 metres.

For tips on how to teach your dog to Recall check out this link in our Blog.

Recall Training Tips


Lead Extensions IMG_4935

These are a very handy! Clip them onto an already existing lead to extend it further, or use the lead extension to tie your dog comfortably to a pole or door.

Professional dog walking leads for sale