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Michelle McClurg is an experienced Dog Behaviourist.

The Art of Dog Training began in 2009, however she has loved, cared for and worked with dogs and other animals all her life.

Working with and for the well being of animals is her passion.

Michelle’s Story – The Joy of A Dog Trainer

In 2010 Michelle completed her Certificate III in Dog Behaviour and Training with the National Dog Trainers Federation of Australia and she continues to add to this knowledge by studying from various sources and Dog Experts from Australia and internationally.

As a teenager Michelle completed work experience in a Victorian Animal Shelter. It was here that she saw an outrageous number of dogs and cats being ‘put down’ everyday because they were abandoned, unwanted or ‘too hard to handle.’

From that point on Michelle vowed to make a difference in preventing this senseless cycle.

You will find Michelle very approachable as she shares her knowledge simply and generously. It is essential to her that dog owners have the tools to be confident leaders who are able to provide for their pet’s needs, with the overall aim of creating balanced dogs.

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